Slavery Still Exists

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

November 14, 2011 3:46 pm

Slavery Still Exists

It should come as no surprise to anyone to hear that we who live in “first world” countries are HUGE consumers. In fact, the 12% of the world’s population who live in North America and Western Europe account for 60% of private spending (, but again, that’s not really a shocking stat to most of us. We all know we consume alot of “stuff”, but no one really seems to know where all this “stuff” comes from.

Our grade 11 English class has dedicated this year to researching our butts off and finding out where all our “stuff” comes from. Once we started digging, what we found shocked us. Every single one of us found that we own something that was made, harvested, assembled, or mined by slaves. That’s right, actual slaves in the 21st Century. This was such a shock to us that we’ve made it our new goal to spread the word: Slavery Still Exists. The message is simple, but it seems almost no one actually realizes that we are not only a part of, but in fact the cause for modern-day slavery; we are the consumers.

Now our class has branched off into separate “projects”. Many of us are working on some rockin’ videos to be posted on YouTube VERY soon. Our photo whiz, Marissa, is furiously working on editing some amazing posters/pictures, most of which are already on Facebook and here on tumblr. And our artist-in-training, chelsea, has created a stunning painting to help spread the word. 

So this is our home base, everything we do will be posted here for your enjoyment. On that note, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@Slavery_Exists) and like us on Facebook and check here regularly to be kept up-to-date on all our schemes and ideas. :)